A few years ago, I was reading an article…I don’t remember the title, and I don’t remember the specific context though I do know it was about preaching. The only thing I remember about it is a line that has stuck with me ever since: “Often when preaching, preachers are answering questions no one in the pews is asking.”

    This past worship series “Big Questions” has, I hope, touched on some of your questions. The goal was not to answer them all definitively. Rather it was to offer possibilities for our exploration. Many of the questions themselves came from the youth.

    I am always open to your questions…anytime. However, sometimes it is good to formalize the question asking opportunity. So, to help make sure that I am trying to respond in sermons to questions people are asking some question cards will be provided on which you can write your questions about God, life, faith, Jesus, etc. you know, your big questions. These questions might spark a series or a sermon or two.

    While I hope that the Big Questions series reminded us that we don’t have to have all the answers to have faith, I do think there are questions that each of us as followers of Jesus should explore and have our own answers to. Our next worship series is called “So Loved” and will be about these four questions that all of us should have at least a basic answer to: 1. What difference does being a Christian make in your life? 2. What story of Jesus is most foundational to your faith? 3. How is God active in your life? 4. What is the power of the Christian community?

    I hope you’ll join us as we seek to help each other find our own answers to these questions.


Pastor Owen